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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Yeah, my main is a Tac and I used the VA Galaxy class for a while. Loved it, but even with consoles, it was still a PITA to turn, and separating left me exposed with a much weaker secondary hull. I switched to the Excelsior Retrofit at that point. It handled better, had higher DPS, but I still wasn't getting the best performance I could. I've now switched over to my Sovereign, and I love it, but still, it's more than a bit underpowered. That said, I'm not getting an Escort because Jesus Christ I can't afford any more ships.
I've found the Galaxy-x to be the best damage dealing cruiser on the Fed side (having the spinal lance* and being the only fed cruiser that can mount dual heavy cannons). However it does have the same turnrate as the Galaxy retrofit, meaning that you have to put real effort into bringing a target into your firing arc.

The excelsior retrofit is also pretty good when armed with 4x dual beam banks and 4x turrets

Have you tried Klingon Battlecruisers? Those things are just sweet, especially the Vorcha refit.

*The spinal lance fires two shots, each one dealing about 10000 damage properly specced and has a cooldown of 3 mins.
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