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Re: Season 6 renaissance?

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I'd been watching Voyager seasons 5 and 6 on Netflix and just about gave up on the show. Stopped watching, tried a little Babylon 5, then pulled up the last four seasons of Buffy for yet another rewatch. Voyager had turned into a dull, barely distinguishable run of nothing episodes interspersed with moments of ludicrous silliness ("Bride of Chaotica," anyone?).

But then I decided to come back to Voyager for a while, and was pleasantly surprised when about halfway through Season 6, it suddenly started to get good again. I just finished "Child's Play," and there's been a run of good, interesting episodes: "The Voyager Conspiracy," "Pathfinder," "Collective," "Ashes to Ashes." Now, granted, I could live without the Fairhaven stuff. But by and large, after a long period of lackluster episodes, it seems like Season 6 is shaping up to be a solid one.

Did something change? Did the writer's room get some new blood partway through the season? Or is it just coincidence?
I myself don`t like season six. I think it`s a weak season with some good episodes in it. I never liked Barge Of The Dead, Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy, Alice, Riddles, One Small Step, Fair Haven, Spirit Folk, Good Shepherd, Muse, Fury.
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