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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Just to give you an impression of how nerdy my dreams get...
Us regular followers of your reviews know all about what your dreams may bring.

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JThe ending. Yes. Bad idea, that. Actually, it's not just the ending, the entire fictional DS9-based plot feels a little off.
(sighs) That was the whole point, and even with foreknowledge of this episode (watching it again), I think it rather masterfully conveyed the feeling that something just isn't right here...
That sense of unease or offness is definitely what they were going for, but IMO they went a little too far. By the end of the episode, just about everyone had to know it wasn't real (what with stuff like Garak's death and the destruction of the Wormhole with Odo and Kira still in the Gamma Quadrant).
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