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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

i read the mirror universe book where chakotaky bangs her in the engine room and it said how he liked her hard body etc.....graphic for trek but thought yea she is hot and id love to bang her too. So how is she hot, her body...her u need specifics?

But anyway i always thought the character sorta was odd in that she never hooked up with anyone. So i guess she just did her self or that holo deck irsh guy every other day. So whatever, she was HOT im sure chackotay would have been makin her scream in real life because thats how real life works but in star trek our characters dont have sex for some reason. or i should say with each other. but sex w holodeck (riker) ppl or masterbaing is ok (BEv Crusher_) its so odd. In real life if she was the captain she'd have her choice of guys to hop on. People are always gonna have this drive so for the crew not to acknolege the short skirts and bra that push the chicks boobs to the sky, or the skin tite pants that Troi and BEverly wear that shows basically everything/// just stikes me as odd. Either that or human no longer have any sex drive in the future.
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