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^ Cool. Really hope it helps you out.
Second attempt today and much better than the first. It's getting better, but still not near the point where I'm ready to post any of it yet.
You'll get it quick. I was somewhat slow. Check out one of my first ships if you have the time. You can see how I changed how it was built based on new skills learned- the difference between how I started the ship and how it ended was insanely different. I highly recommend the tutorials, message boards, and just playing around... Got lot's of good advice here too! There are still some things I'm struggling with. I'll be damned if I can get that tear drop shape under the bridge of the E right!
yeah, I can only agree! I think the best thing about sketchup is that it's learning curve is so small compared to other applications (of course, that doesn't mean I wasn't complete pants at it when I first started too )

anyway, patrickivan, I hope I can be of some help about the teardrop under the bridge. It's a rather awful shape to make, but I have managed to do it a few times to relative success. this is one that I made probably a couple years ago now;

the red shape is a face that corresponds to the top down view of the teardrop. I think I traced this one off charles casimiro's enterprise blueprints, but you could really do whatever you wanted with it. you then make that face into a component and placed it below its eventual location (so, inside the primary hull of the ship) and extrude it through the surface of the saucer. then you can select the face of the "tube" you've just created and intersect it with the model. that leaves the blue line. you can then draw the green shape (which again, I traced off the back view of the blueprints), select the blue line, and then click it with the "follow me" tool. then of course you have to clean up some of the garbage geometry left behind by that operation (you can see in the picture there's a bit I haven't cleaned up at the back because I'm lazy ) but you end up with a fairly decent tear drop shape. It's, as far as I know anyway, the best way to do it in sketchup.

anyway, sorry for derailing the thread, I hope I was of some help at least, and more power to anyone trying to learn sketchup!
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