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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

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I just rewatched the Lea Salonga On My Own clip, and while I don't know if Taylor could hit the notes that the song reaches when sung live on stage, the song will likely be staged/arranged slightly differently because of the differences between film and live on-stage theater, so even if it turns out that Taylor can't hit precisely the same notes one would in a live theatrical production of Les Mis, I think she'll still be able to perform the song well and without any difficulties.
I don't see how her singing the song in a movie would prevent Taylor from hitting certain notes because the song is not sung on a theater stage. In fact since movie songs are recorded in a studio, I think the vocal performance has a chance to be that much better than live theater singing.

I think the one of the things most are concerned about is the songs being rearranged to make them easier for Taylor to "handle". Those breathy barely there pop/folk vocals which have given her a shockingly great pop music career simply aren't enough for the role she has undertaken. I hope, as do others, she has something in reserve. BTW, "Safe and Sound" did nothing to give me any more confidence in Taylor's vocal ability.
Things might be worse for Swift. LINK
On 27 December 2011, Jackman confirmed that rehearsals for the cast members are scheduled to begin in January 2012 and principal photography will commence in March. Later, a source confirmed that the cast will have to sing the songs live during filming, rather than using pre-recorded tracks.
LINK confirming that the cast will not be prerecording their singing. Thinking about it, it's not a big surprise, There is no spoken dialogue in the musical
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