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Re: Fandom Questionnaire

What main Media Texts (TV Shows, Comic Books, Video Games, Cartoons, Anime/Manga, Movies, Other) would you say, you are a fan of?

Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Have you ever created any fan produced content (E.g. Fan fiction, Fan art, fan videos, fan wikis, etc)? If so, what prompted you to do this and what did you hope to achieve?

Before there were video recording devices like VCRs and DVDs you could only watch your favorite show once a week and you had to practically memorize it while it was on because you...well, you wouldn't see it for another week. So I started writing my own Star Trek.

I didn't want to achieve anything with it, I just enjoyed writing it. To this day, no one has ever read any of those stories.

Do you engage with fan produced content? If so, what form does it take and why and where do you engage with it? E.g. writing a fan fiction on to explore an alternate ending to a TV series?

No. I believe strictly in canon.

What do you think is the appeal of fan produced content?

I would hope it's because they enjoy being part of the franchise's universe. Just the way a football fan enjoys going to see a game.

Are you a member of an online forum dedicated to a particular object of fandom (celebrity, film/TV series, etc)? Why did you join and what has your experience been like?

I've been a member of the Trek BBS since 2001. I've always enjoyed it. It's fun to talk to other fans.

Have you ever encountered any online abuse when you have been on an online forum? Can you recall a specific incident?

I've been bashed for years for being pro-Roddenberry and con-Berman, but that's alright. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. You can't take stuff like that seriously.

What are your views on fans producing and distributing fan created content through the internet? Also what are your thoughts on the potential issues of copyright (E.g. using someone else’s creations in a piece of fan art)?

Fans definately have the right to produce material even if its based on Star Trek.We did it before the internet and I'm sure we will continue to do it beyond that.

Now if anyone decides to sell the material based on Star Trek that's another story. The artist is the sole owner of his/her intellectual property and has the rights to say how it is to be used.

What do you think are the good and bad points of online forums and websites that encourage creativity such as: YouTube,, DeviantART, etc, for those involved in fandom?

I think it's wonderful! I can't tell you how many new rock bands I have discovered because of YouTube. I also love to see the new Star Trek fanvids that come out. Some people are very, very talented.

Have you encountered or been involved with any instances of spoiling (revealing significant (and usually secret) elements of a TV series, film, book, etc, i.e. spoilers) online? What was the experience like?

No. When we were commenting on "Enterprise" when it was in production we were very careful not to give away any secrets until the other countries in the world had seen them.

Do you feel that fans have the right to post spoilers online? Do you think it ruins or enriches the experience of being a fan?

We all knew Spock was going to die before TWOK premered and it in no way spoiled the experience. People are going to post spoilers whether it is right or wrong, it's just life in fandom. You get used to it. Besides, if the script is good enough, the spoiling really doesn't matter.

Do you think it is good or bad for fans to have access to celebrities and creative teams through the internet? (E.g. following writers/directors on Twitter) Do you follow a creative professional online, and for what reason? (E.g. writer, actor, musician, etc)

Oh yes! It's wonderful to have access to the people who actually create these series. It makes it more of a community and it seems they enjoy talking to us too. Mike Okuda and Rick Sternback are regular visitors to this BBS and they are nothing but wonderful when they post.

I will say that during the production of "Enterprise" two of the writers were constantly on the BBS looking for our input. We were ruthless with them...we criticized them heavily...but they understood that we were trying to help them create the best Star Trek they could. I don't know our input helped the series improve in its final season, but I think we'd like to think that we did.

Do I follow anyone? No. I've never been that kinda fan.

Have you ever been involved with signing a petition online or become part of an online campaign? Can you explain your motivation behind doing so?


Do you think that Web 2.0 has given fans a larger say in the creative decisions made for the products of their fandom, and if so, what are your views on it?

I don't know much about it to have any opinion.

If you could change one thing about online fandom what would it be?

Nothing. I just enjoy it.

"You may be wrong, but you may be right." - Billy Joel
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