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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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Also, the Borg he encountered in I Borg and Descent were individuals and not part of the Collective. This is really the first time he is dealing with I guess you can say the "real" Borg. The ones that assimilated him.

In First Contact, Picard sees his worst nightmares become reality. The temporal wake at the beginning allows him to see that the Borg have conquered and assimilated Earth. He finds out in this film that he is still connected to them by the fact that he is able to "hear" them. Beverly must have missed a few Borg implants or something in TBOBW part 2 when she removed them. That might have made for an interesting exchange between the two in the movie, but sadly was overlooked. Picard himself may have thought that he dealt with his feelings regarding the Borg in the past, but this film puts that to the test.

Thank you for your post. it makes great sense to me and I have to concur with your viewpoints about Picard not having dealt with the "real" Borg Collective since TBOBW until FC takes place. He is surely put to the test even more so than in the earlier episodes, and has to rely on what he kniows to keep him afloat. I like how he summons the courage to go after Data towards the end of the film. After all, it was Data who pirmarily helped him through the assimilation crisis by linking to him in TBOBW. So it makes perfect sense now data is in trouble, that Picard would mount a rescue attempt. And the fact he doesn't involve any other crewmen makes it all the more personal which I love.
Agreed. And I think part of the reason Picard goes alone is that people have noted how many lives Picard wasted earlier in his blind pursuit of revenge against the Borg. After he finally realized that his anger and guilt was foolish and pointless, he probably also saw how it was killing people needlessly. He goes alone rather then sacrifice another crewmember.
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