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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Why not? She wasn't superhot. She was normal. Even more flawed than any heroin in any movie I've seen, from her raspy voice to her sarcastic nature where she frequently put Clark and others like him down even as she complimented them. Superman loved her because he saw the person she really was inside. He was able to bore through all the layers that made her unappealing. That's what makes Supes great, he can do that with everyone.
Agreed. I love how Donner doesn't have Superman go for the hottest woman in the building in his movie, but a girl who is actually kind of a flawed, distracted, chain-smoking mess. It's a great, unexpected touch, and somehow Reeve and Kidder's chemistry totally makes it work.

And besides, any guy who seriously thinks THIS is hideous really needs to have their head examined:

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