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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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ahh my ship's last run before it's retired and i hit admiral...

Blessed galaxy class, she served me well once i got used to her lol

handles like a small moon for corners, but she's worth it lol

Well you do have the option to get it back at Vice Admiral if you have enough dilithium, or are willing to either pay $25 or sell dilithium until you get the amount of C-points you need and be able to use it on any other federation characters you make.
I wouldn't as a tac officer...
As pretty as she is, she is such an engineering beast at VA. So far that I'd say at least one engineering station is completely redundant... she'd do far better with another sci station instead.
Tac/Cruiser combination would better to keep the Sovereign or if you go with a C-Store cruiser pick the Excelsior.
That one comes with special Transwarp abilities and a very valuable Tactical Lt Commander station, plus it turns like a smaller sci ship.
Yeah but the saucer separation ability helps with the VA Galaxy as it now has way a better turn rate and you have an extra ship to attack with.

Of course if you want to switch to an escort for any reason I recommend the Defiant IT IS a tough little ship especially with the quad cannons.
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