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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

Personally, I think staging On My Own in the lower key of Fantine's Death would better fit Eponine's state of mind and the lyrics of the song, but some people might call that sacrilege.

As an aside, I tried to picture Hugh Jackman, et al singing the first 13 songs of the show in place of the 2010 cast, and, with the exception of Monsieur Thenardier, was able to do so very easily. The reason I couldn't imagine Sacha Baron Cohen singing in place of the actor playing Thenardier in the live 2010 cast recording is because I'm not that familiar with the way he (SBC) performs, since the stuff he usually does doesn't really appeal to me and I haven't seen Sweeney Todd.
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