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Re: Re-shaping a Cardassian: Toward the Ninth Circle

I can't believe it...I'm actually rooting for Nadar here, for him to figure out what happened to Raseen and help in taking down Dukat. I'm pretty sure I know what Dukat's trying to pull here, and we know where that path leads.

I am glad to see that Damar isn't putting up with his gul's behavior. He was quite bold and actually kind of a gentleman (all fake anger aside). And what he's doing for really fits, how you explain it as pretending to be "Damar's woman." That reminds me of the "Captain's Woman" in the Mirror Universe. Dukat would fit very well there, wouldn't he?

I'm so glad to see that Jarol and Brenok talked themselves into the reasonable course of action: going to Zamarran. I hope there'll be a way, someday, to stop playing this whole charade and take Dukat down. And of course to save Yassel, too.
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