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Re: Re-shaping a Cardassian: Toward the Ninth Circle

I also think there was some hero worship that kept her from reporting it--some part of her that thought she should suffer whateve indignities because Dukat had convinced her to be grateful to him.
This is possible. There was only one person she told about it and I think it was years after that happened. Before then, she was too scared and probably lying to herself that maybe she misinterpreted everything, or provoked him in some way. Her perception of him was very, very distorted.

We'll see what this Damar does, and how far out of Dukat's sway he really is now. His help will be critical along with Zamarran's.
On the show, we never saw Damar really coming to the conclusion what Dukat did to Cardassia, but we saw him starting to understand some things. I think that with time he would also see through his own hero worship and in this story he's under Dukat's command for such a long time that he had to see a lot of Dukat's orders, actions and results of decisions.

Soon you'll see if he's completely disillusioned or there's still some of that worship left.
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