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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Kicking off my 2012 list:

1. Edge of Darkness: A
2. Star Trek: The Motion Picture: B+
3. Repo Men: B-
4. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: B-
5. Underworld: Awakening: B

Overall I really enjoyed the movie. The movie did a smart thing by doing a 3-4 minute recap of events from the first two UW films. I was pleasantly pleased to see the movie start at a point not long after the "reveal" of vamps and lycans. Thus having Selene and Michael on the run. They did a good job of finding a very good Scott Spedman look-a-like. I mean really was his schedule so busy? No more than he was on screen for that sequence I can't imagine they needed more than a week with him...but I digress.

The first sequence when she awakens 12 years later was really good imo as well.
I didn't have any issues with the young girl they got to play her 11yr old daughter. All things being equal she did, at worst, an adequate job.

My complaints would be that I thought the first werewolves we saw, those emaciated living in the subway tunnels underground, had the least convincing F/X. The others we saw later and especially the Goliath Lycan all had a higher quality F/X it seemed.The other main point of contention for me was that it seemed the Detective was very quick and too eager to help Selene. Besides those two points I overall liked the movie.

Bring on Underworld 5: Whose your Daddy
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