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Re: Re-shaping a Cardassian: Toward the Ninth Circle

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But she certainly didn't let Dukat make her a toy in my other story. She was scared and paralysed by fear; that's why she didn't react the same way. She didn't ask for it and she didn't enjoy it!
Ii didn't mean it in the sense of wanting the sexual contact--but her fear did make her submit to what Dukat wanted without an open objection like this one. That's what he does--he sees vulnerability and then gets such people wrapped around his little finger to where they do his bidding. I also think there was some hero worship that kept her from reporting it--some part of her that thought she should suffer whateve indignities because Dukat had convinced her to be grateful to him.

Hopefully in this universe she'll report it. Zamarran needs to know so he can take protective measures too.

He was ready to kill Ziyal for defying him, so I see nothing that could stop him from hurting a woman who is not his family.
We'll see what this Damar does, and how far out of Dukat's sway he really is now. His help will be critical along with Zamarran's.
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