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Re: Re-shaping a Cardassian: Toward the Ninth Circle

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And...whoa! This Jarol wasn't willing to be treated like a toy by Dukat, the way the canon one was! I wonder if that's because she's been used to watching Zamarran sass that Obsidian Order agent.
I'm not sure there is any particular reason that could explain the difference. he might have snapped in the other situation, or she might be paralysed here.

There are two factors I think might influence it: it was in front of the crew (so in a way she was safer than being in his quarters alone with him) and she is married here. Maybe it felt like cheating if she not reacted harshly.

But she certainly didn't let Dukat make her a toy in my other story. She was scared and paralysed by fear; that's why she didn't react the same way. She didn't ask for it and she didn't enjoy it!
Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
From Damar's warning, seems as though Dukat has now moved Jarol from the "seduce" category to the "rape as soon as possible" category. That is very, very scary.
I'm not sure what he wants to do now--I don't want to know--but he certainly wants to teach her a lesson not to defy her. He is used to people following his orders...all people and all orders. He was ready to kill Ziyal for defying him, so I see nothing that could stop him from hurting a woman who is not his family.
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