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Re: Does It Get Better???

She had already assimilated samplings all the species aboard Voyager, and she had already assimilated a massive quantity of Federation technology so the assimilation of Voyager would be redundant, unless they proved to be a threat and even then it would be much more efficient to kill them outright, which is also a waste of resources, since according to Borg mentality, everyone on Voyager is going to volunteer for assimilation eventually.

As long as Voyager can't top warp 9.975, she only comes into conflict with the Borg when the Borg want to come into conflict with Voyager because her flight speed is thousands of times slower than any Cube in the Borg Fleet, and they have months to years warning of Voyagers approach, since that's about how well their short range scanners would have to be able to work if they were about to fly that quickly.

Not a threat.

Maybe it's like fighting a shark on dry land?
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