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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Wow after turning the half resolution option off the game looks way better I can even make out the detail of the Enterprise Uniform rank pips now.
Wait, you played all this time with HALF resolution?!?
Didn't you ever wonder about our screenshots looking way better?
Honestly I had always though that it was a hardware issue like I needed a better graphics card I didn't even know you could change the resolution until someone mentioned it in a comment for the F2P trailer on Youtube.

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I am now two missions away from completing the Klingon War storyline. Has been a blast This game is much better than Champions Online( though its a good game, too.)
(Had to replay one mission, because it some reason could not continue after I logged back in..well, that was a small nitpick and I had fun the second time around)
I also was shooting some Gorn ships to pieces..and salvaged some new weaponry.

I think that Lt.Commander Gilmore deserves a holiday, so I maybe head to Risa later..or to a club, where I can wear my new off-duty clothes.
I have learned to love my escort and It looks good now, after I replaced the Saber-class nacelles with other ones,earlier
After playing with my Eng alt who uses a Defiant retrofit I am seriously considering using an escort on my Tac alt if the Odyssey isn't all that, seeing as they seem to do more damage.
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