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Re: Re-shaping a Cardassian: Toward the Ninth Circle

Good for Zamarran! It seems this Jarol may have the temptation to take matters into her own hands just because it's more expedient--though thankfully not as strongly expressed as in the canon universe--and Zamarran looks like he's fully prepared to nip that dangerous tendency right in the bud. (I also suspect this may be why Zamarran has yet to recommend her for promotion...he wants to make sure this tendency has been tamed first.) Hopefully his principles would also extend to Dukat's unwanted overtures, and if Jarol reported that to him, he would keep her safe from him...since the safety of his crew would be a large enough matter to defy orders for.

And...whoa! This Jarol wasn't willing to be treated like a toy by Dukat, the way the canon one was! I wonder if that's because she's been used to watching Zamarran sass that Obsidian Order agent.

From Damar's warning, seems as though Dukat has now moved Jarol from the "seduce" category to the "rape as soon as possible" category. That is very, very scary.

Just as scary as the Dominion, I think.
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