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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Fire Weapons - 2 x Phaser Array Mk VII, 2 x Photon Torphedo Mk VII

Aft Weaposn - 3 x Phaser Array Mk VII

Shields - Covariant Shield Array Mk VI

Tactical Consoles - Prefire Chamber Mk VI (+8.8 all energy damage), Directed Energy Distribution Maniforld Mk IV (+7.5 all energy damage)

And with all that, i can't even bring one ships shields down, let alone scratch the hull... either something is seriously wrong with my weapons, or i've found a big bug in the game

Quoted for emphasis.

That particular console won't boost your weapons, because it's for cannons and not for beam weapons I'd suggest switching that out for a Photon Detonation Assembly to boost your torps or a Phaser Relay to boost your beams.

Also, something you'll find about having 2 torps in the same arc is that you won't be firing them as often as you think, as firing one resets the timer on the other (though not as long as a single torp reloading after firing), so you may find you're firing slower on the torps than you expected. I'd perhaps go with switching it around for one of your rear arc Beam Arrays. That way you've still got the same broadside and you can cover your rear with torps as others have suggested.

You may want to fit an RCS Accelerator Console into one of your Engineering slots, that way your brick will have a bit better turning circle. My suggestion would be to replace that centre console (I'm guessing its the one that gives you a slight boost to one of your power settings?) for said console.
He has twi Mk VIII phaser relays now. One is even a green... And switched a front torp with a rear phaser. He is also no longer running the defensive power preset. Works better now.
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