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^Mulhall was from a season 2 episode. And Dr. Noel was a psychiatric doctor, not an MD, so I don't think she'd be in charge of sickbay.
Thanks for the clarification, I always think that Miranda Jones was season 2 and I know they were separate seasons. But what a bargain, even if they stuck with the original timeline, she could be around a lot sooner. They might adjust the story so that the android bodies are completed and/or so that the bodies of some guest crew (perhaps including Mulhall) are stolen to become recurring villains. Maybe they could become additions to Khan's motley crew of augments, orion pirates, and klingon mercenaries!

Noel was a psychiatrist I think, which means she is an MD who specialises in pychiatric illness and therefore probably not qualified to be a surgeon (albeit qualified to try and diagnose Gary Mitchel). On a small ship that still makes her more qualified to supervise sick bay while a CMO is off ship than a nurse. M'Benga was a surgeon though - they could always cast him as the xenobiology doc I suppose.

I suspect that they held off featuring Chapel until an actress was cast so they could draw her likeness. Not sure when the comic was drawn in relation to the movie but I certainly hope that they are going to give Chapel in few lines in this one. If Chapel looks like Majel in the comic, this could be an indication that she isn't going to feature.
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