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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Watched a couple more episodes last night.

Nemesis: This episode ripped off Predator with the commandos and the aliens that looked just like the Predators. I personally didn't care for all of the alien slang, and for the most part I didn't like the guest actors either, but Robert Beltran's excellent performance (as usual) and the great twist at the end made this at least a worthwhile watch.

Gotta go to class. I'll be back with another review later!
I think Trek ripped itself off more than Predator.
They were just retooled Naussican masks.
Still, I'm surprised you found this ep. ripped off "Preditor" but never mentioned how "Distant Origin" is really "Planet of the Apes".
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The Queen Asked Harry Kim on a date.

Can you lower the bar any further?
No she didn't.
She was threatening Janeway via Harry.
She was telling Janeway, "If you keep fucking with my children, I'm going to come and fuck with yours."

Janeway was pissing the Queen off so much, she got ghetto.
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