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Re: Virtual *TOS* Enterprise for STV:Elite Force - WIP

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I don't know that much about how game engines work internally but is this being built as one "level" - one giant model - or are different rooms and areas separate levels/models? If they are separate, then it would theoretically be possible to create the entire ship because it would just be a matter of linking levels/models to each other using doorways and turbolifts as the connection points. Then for the hundreds of crew quarters on the D, you'd only have to create two or three models and just keep recycling them by linking doorways to "room A", "room B" or "room C" rather than copying them over and over into one big model.

Am I on the right track - do game engines work that way?
Game engines have limits on how large each map file can be. So what I'm doing is making each deck I'm featuring a separate map file. You'll use turbolifts to travel between the map files with short loading screens in between.

I don't plan on modelling the entire ship. That would, of course, take years to complete. And who would want to visit every single cabin of the thousands on board. What I'm doing is featuring key areas, like the ones listed above. They will be connected via corridors and turbolifts.

And as for the quarters of the personnel, I'm featuring a few of the main characters' cabins, and then a few general ones. I'll of course have doors that are inaccessible, there to imply that there's a room or cabin beyond, but in reality nothing will be modeled past the door. It just isn't feasible, or very possible, to feature every single area of the ship. Especially since this is a one-man job at this point
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