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Re: Virtual *TOS* Enterprise for STV:Elite Force - WIP

I keep burning myself on my two projects (TOS-E and the Ent-D) because when I do get a few days off my 50 hour week bar-manager job, I sit at my computer for 10-12 hours working on these projects.

So, I keep flopping between the two. The principal areas of the TOS-E are pretty much complete. Here's what else I have planned:

Auxiliary Control
Ship's Gymnasium
Ship's Theater
Phaser Control

and a few areas that were never seen on screen:

Security Section w/ Armory
Photorp Launch Bay
Bowling Alley
Evacuation Transporter

and maybe a few others that I haven't decided on yet. Keeping them a secret for now. After all the construction if finished, I will begin scripting to make it possible to interact with the ship and its personnel.

So, I promise that I'll keep on working on the project when I get enough energy to. In the meantime, I've been working on a Virtual TMP Enterprise...which I will of course post screens of once I get some areas completed. It's shaping up slowly, but is looking great. The TMP-TSFS Enterprise has always been my favorite, so I'm excited to have something else to look forward to while I take yet another break from this project.

Thanks for all the compliments guys!
Donny Versiga

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