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James Vega featurette from

It's pretty awesome that Vega's VA is scifi fan.
I'm terrible with names and faces, but isn't that the bloke from that Wing Commander movie? I always had a (very minuscule) soft spot for that film. Still, I'd be surprised if I end up using this character very much. The Mass Effect games have a bit of a spotty track record when it comes to these early squadmates. I mean I almost *never* used Kaiden or Jacob.

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I did.. Amalur didn't really grab me.. a typical adventure/fight stuff game with some nice effects.

Not overly interested but then i tried it for the ME3 stuff
You know I was shocked that I enjoyed it at all. Like you and I'm sure allot of people I only played it for the unlockables. My assumption going in was that this was just some third rate game that they were trying to prop up by attaching it to ME3...which I suppose is true, but it did a good job of selling me in on the gameplay mechanics and artstyle. I probably won't get it when it comes out (I rarely do) but I'll definatly keep a eye out for it in future Steam sales.

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^The only thing that's tempting me at the moment is the Kingdoms of Amalur unlockables. I think that demo might have won me over. Out of interest, did anyone else give it a go?
Yup. It crashed part way through the 45 minutes you have to play through to unlock the gun, so I had to replay all that. Luckily, they were nice enough to let me skip through the tutorial.

Here's an MP4 version of the ME3 GameTrailers TV episode from last night:
Is it weird that what I liked most about all this new footage is that it shows you get to wander around the cargo bay again? For some reason it really bugged me that it was off limits in ME2. Also nice to see that got rid of all those huge (and oddly invulnerable) AC units. I mean what was the purpose of those things exactly?
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