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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Sigh, just for once I'd like it is a Bond girl didn't say "I'm a new kind of Bond girl, more 007's equal" in her interviews...face it, love, you're there to look pretty, probably shag 007 and possibly die a horrible death...
Yeah I have to agree that line is really old. If one actually watches the Bond movies, the whole "more 007's equal" thing actually dates back damn near to day one. Pussy Galore, Tracey, Anya, Holly Goodhead (that's two high-ranking female 00-equivalents in a row), Melina Havelock (who actually beats Bond to an assassination), Octopussy, Pam Bouvier (another spy), Michelle Yeoh's character in Tomorrow Never Dies, and (like her or hate her) Jinx. I'd include Vesper too, though more in the verbal side of things since her character isn't depicted as a killer.

So, really, the stereotype was busted ages ago (heck, a case can even be made for Honey Ryder). And was destroyed forever when M became a woman.
Amen. Much as the feminists like to whine about how "demeaning" the Bond girls reality, Bond girls are as a rule pretty darn empowered. And have been, since Dr. No. And it's not just Honey. Sylvia Trench (the girl who plays baccarat in the legendary "Bond--James Bond" scene) was confident, and highly capable (she somehow managed to get into Bond's apartment!).
One of my all-time favorites, if not the all-time favorite, has to be Kissy Suzuki. That one climbed a volcano, went down again, swam to mainland while being shot at from a helicopter, got reinforcements, climbed that volcano again, climbed down into the secret SPECTRE lair inside of the volcano on a rope, kicked a lot of henchman-ass, all the while only clad in a bikini after dark when it had to be freezing outside (especially in the water) and still had enough power to get on with Bond in that rubber raft.

Let's see some of those "007's equals" beat that.
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