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Perhaps they'll use the original stories to develop some of the other characters, and deal with more of the elements of the movie.
Well, having now read the story, Zahra certainly looks and acts like a security guard - I'm happy with that adjustment. The beeping badge - meh - I'm quite hapy with flip-top comms, albeit it's silly in the light of modern tech if they don't have visual capabilities.

Overall, this is the first story where the diversion from the original seems to be substantial, although the focus is still very much on Kirk and Spock. I'm not even convinced that there is going to be a big medical scene on the ship at this stage so Chapel's name check may be all we get.

At the moment, the original re-tellings have been too brief to big up any supporting cast without altering the emphasis away from Kirk and Spock in a significant way. I would certainly like to see original stories where the focus isn't the Big 3, perhaps re-telling an episode from the pov of one of the minor characters, like in Lower Decks, might be interesting? I would really like them to expand the cast to feature more aliens - Keenser's cameo in the first issue wasn't all that inspiring. If they aren't prepared to add some aliens in the re-tellings, maybe original stories could take up that mantle too.

I'd also like them to make use of characters who made only brief appearances in TOS. Riley is always one of the most fun examples but I loved the prickly but smart Ann Mulhall - surely the ship's astrobiologist should have featured in a lot more episodes than she did (ok Mulhall was new in season 3 but no reason why she can't be around earlier in this timeline or even a new, alien astrobiologist). We know of 2 other doctors on board (Noel and M'Benga) so why doesn't McCoy give them a name check instead of Chapel since one of them should be in charge of sick bay when he's off the ship and why not introduce an alien doctor with a medical specialism in xenobiology to make up for TOS humancentric medical team?

The comic has a lot of potential to expand and they are starting to make bigger adjustments. Lets hope they take the comic to some new and very exciting places!
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