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Re: Maria Sharapova: Babe of the week #4 (Jan. 2012)

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Eh. I'll go with down. She looks okay, but I've never heard of her and her personality in the video is annoying.
Never heard of her? She’s the hottest thing to come out of Russia since . . . well, since Anna Kournikova. Except that Maria’s a much better tennis player.
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...I've never heard of her ...
Off topic:

I hesitate to call you a liar (since I suppose anything is possible), but since you're a heterosexual male over the age of 25, I don't find this to be a particularly credible claim.
I pay pretty much zero attention to sports. I know the names of a couple of cute figure skaters, and that's about it. I suppose I've probably seen her name in a newspaper or heard it on TV, but if so it just went right past me.
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