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Rewind vs Source Code

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Also reported here in its own snarky thread:

SyFy greenlights Rewind pilot.
the network has announced that they've given a two-hour pilot greenlight to a new action thriller involving time travel called Rewind. The show comes from writer Justin Marks who is about to become famous for writing the screenplay for David Fincher's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
sounds like a fun pilot. Not sure about the series each week.
Rewind is set to begin production in April 2012.

and by the way similar to Source Code?:
Cbs "source code" drama
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THR reveals that CBS has picked up the rights from ABC to develop Duncan Jones’ “Source Code” into a TV series.
In the small screen version, the premise will be tweaked slightly, and will follow “three former federal agents who are part of a top-secret program [and] they’ll use Source Code technology to jump into the consciousness of people involved in tragic events.”
also see from December 2009.“Murmurs” Sci-Fi time-travel drama by CBS in development
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