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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

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As a TOS fan, myself, season 4 was my favorite. I did like all the fanwanking.
Yes! When I first heard of the premise of ENT, I said, "Dumb idea, but maybe us rabid Trekkie fanboys will get an occasional fanwank episode, like 'How the transporter was invented' or 'Why don't starships have seatbelts?'". Instead, we got 2 seasons of TNG Lite, 1 season of Dominion War: The Prequel, and one season of godd ol' wank. Well, one out of four ain't bad, I guess.....


....okay, not really......

I overall liked ENT. The premise of it being before Kirk, the prime directive, etc. definitely had a lot of potential. It didn't fully deliver and is arguably the weakest of the Star Trek series, but I honestly don't think it deserves all the flack it gets either. Yes, they should have gone ahead with the Romulan War before doing the Xindi story, yes, there was some bad writing in quite a few episodes, but the cast was awesome and overall still enjoyable, cool, and Trek. While as fans we do need to analyse flaws and errors, to naysay or not support any Trek is to not support the franchise, hence ENT was cancelled.
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