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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Yeah, the spaceship ride shaped like a motorcycle was a bad artistic choice. I really think the artist was more suited to drawing Alejandra, maybe why they chose that artist. I thought the portrayal of Johnny was a bit skinny and that the renderings of him lashing out, like when he was trying to kick down the metaphysical door to Mephisto's realm just looked off. I think the script for that read well but the art applied to it gave it a sillier feel.
Johnny still is drawn too thin for me but I feel the story does sharpen up through issues 5-8. The first four though, yeah I think they were still getting their footing.

Read Avenging Spiderman #3 last night.
Overall a good issue. Yes, I know it's a Spidey title but I was bummed Hulk was out of commission for half the issue. Thought that at this point JJJ should start acting like an adult and just accept Spidey is a hero. Some of that dialogue was just OTT silly imo. A grown man on the downside of the age curve holding onto that type grudge ends up destroying himself...ask Ross. I agree with, I think it was Admiral Young, that they dropped a few nuggets for Mole Man to reappear with a grudge later on, but soon most likely.
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