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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Bah I just had a big reply written out and hit refresh. KHAN!

The biggest thing I noticed in the episode when I first saw it, was how bad Dax's hair was. Sure, a small thing in the long run, and a particularly shallow criticism, but what were they thinking? Perhaps that was one new shiny thing too far?

I welcomed Odo finding out about his people. It was a good hook to have had him not knowing anything for 2 years, but he was ready to take the next step on the character development ladder. If there is such a thing?

I sort of enjoyed the Defiant when I first saw it; eventually I grew to love it. At the time though, I was worried that the show would lose its focus and become more like TNG. I was glad that I was proved wrong in the end.

And that cloaking device was much ado about nothing. Sure it seemed like a big deal at the time, but wasn't this the first time the Romulans popped up on DS9? No big storyline ever came from having it, so it just seemed shoehorned in to make things seem more ominous. Look! The Federation and the Romulans are working together! The Dominion must be mean!

Of course they would come together in war, and The Dominion did turn out to be mean, but it was all done so much better later on.
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