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Yes, it would be a good idea for me. But CBS wouldn't think it was a good idea. Sadly, they're the ones in charge of the decision, not me.

Notice how TV movies and miniseries barely exist on network TV anymore? They don't make sense economically - doing all the work of casting, hiring production people, creating sets, selling the idea in to the network, and then not being able to amortize the startup expense with an ongoing series.

Why go through all that for a gig that's going to end quickly, when you could go through all that and have an ongoing series that might run 7 or 8 years? Who doesn't want job security?

Then factor in the priceyness/limited audience of space opera as a genre. A Star Trek series on CBS is a non-starter, and one-off movies would be even moreso.

The only way you could pull of one or two movies (like they did with Battlestar Galactica) is to use establised characters. And I don't think ANYONE involved with any of the previous Trek series will want to come back for that, unless the paycheck was good enough.
The TV characters wouldn't be enough of a draw, and the movie actors would be prohibitively expensive. BSG began as a back-door pilot miniseries. So if you mean Star Trek "movies" that are actually a way of launching an ongoing series, that's slightly more likely, but not much. You still have the problem that CBS wouldn't air it at all, because it's not what interests their audience.
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