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Re: Doctor Who, first time through

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I'm surprised you got The Daleks yet Edge of Destruction wasn't included because it and Unearthly Child made up the Beginning box set. Maybe Netflix has different versions. (Or did I misread you - if you're streaming as opposed to getting the DVDs then of course you might not have the extra features.)
Yeah, it's all part of the boxset. The plan I have with Netflix only allows me to order one disc at a time, so I had to order each story individually. For some reason, Unearthly Child is on disc 3, the Daleks dicc 1, and Edge disc 2; fortunately, I'm at least familiar enough with Who to know which disc to order first, or I would have been confused.

Assuming Netflix is distributing the same versions of the DVDs and we're not talking streaming, it should be an extra feature on the DVD with Edge of Destruction.
Ah, excellent. That would actually help out a lot if some footage of missing episodes appear as extra features. Yeah, there are only a few Hartnell stories streaming, so I'll be ordering most of the discs. But if more missing episode clips are bonus features on the other discs, maybe I'll just order all the discs and stream nothing until the Pertwee-era

The earlier stories should be watched in order if you can, though, as one story tends to lead into the next. Aztecs should be watched after Marinus (and you'll see Ian wearing a Chinese costume throughout Marinus - which was a carryover from Marco Polo). The world won't come to an end if you watch them out of order, though - there was no "Bad Wolf"-like arc back in the day, but you wouldn't want to see, for example, the two-parter "The Rescue" before watching "The Dalek Invasion of Earth". (They're coming up in Season 2) And The Aztecs is also important as while Marco Polo was the first true historical story (periodically early Who does an historical story with no sci-fi elements other than the TARDIS), it's the one that sets out some of the ground rules for time travel that have resonated ever since (even if they're broken by the Doctor quite frequently!)
Sonds good. I'll definitely be watching in order.

Both those sites I gave you can help with confirming story order (as can IMDb and other places). BBC Video also kindly numbers its releases in order of broadcast, not DVD release.
Thanks, I'll check out those sources to make sure I stay on track.
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