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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

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If you keep seeing "I've been a fan of Star Trek for X years" posts all the time, here's one for the change of pace.

Up to about a month ago I had virtually no knowledge of Star Trek. There was a few Voyager episodes that ran on national television over here and I faintly remember Neelix (Kneelix? Keelix? the one with the funny hairdo) and the episode with two Ferengis who made themselves a religion. That's almost all I remembered of Star Trek, save for some pop-cultural osmosis to places I visited or other shows. So I naturally knew about Spock, Kirk & co., but only from second hand. So what happened? In December I decided to check it out first-hand.

And I loved it! The first few episodes were getting better and better, and even since then had only few mediocre episodes and no bad ones, so far. While I'm now a Doctor Who fan, I can see why in the 60s people preferred Star Trek - '60s Who was kinda dull, while Trek was already top notch.

Getting to the end of first season slowly and looking forward to the rest of the Original Series - and then maybe more. So, hello!
Hey, you're sort of like me... a new fan! I mean, I've always loved Next Gen, but never really gave TOS much of a chance until a short while ago. What was I thinking? I'm in love!
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