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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

JRS wrote: View Post
I made to Lt.Commander today.
It took along time to choose if to take an cruiser or an escort. I ended up choosing an escort, because of my characters tactical origin.
Though, I must say that most escort-ship types do not look very good, appearance vice. It Seems that cruisers and science vessels are generally better looking.
But I am happy of my ship anyway..and I love the turning rate and the firepower. Though little ship
I will maybe choose cruisers, when I make another character later.
I'll agree there... the escort ships do need some new models, they look ugly even on high quality graphics... could have been a lot better...

I've seen a few of the Sovereign class ships that you get at Admiral (i think) and they look pretty cool... tempted to wait though and see which level the Vesta class comes out for...

Still not sure where they're going to put it... i'm assuming it's going to be science division, as that makes the most sense for it, but also could fit in exploration cruiser...

oh well, here's hoping CBS pull their finger out and get it authorised ASAP lol... i know a lot of people are waiting for the Odyssey class to hit the line, and i'll admit it's pretty... but gotta be Vesta class for me

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