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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Edit - realized I misread, thought you meant you hadn't rated a single episode below 3/10! But you meant 3/5.
Ha, yeah sorry for the confusion. I just prefer rating things on a scale of 5. I tend to get bogged down in the 5/6/7s if I use the 10 scale. Although with the OP ranking out of 10 I can see why you would make the mistake!

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
^I think Tom and B'Elanna are one of the only romances that Trek actually does justice to. Nothing about them ever felt forced or awkward, and I mostly think that's because Roxann Dawson and Robert Duncan McNeill have great chemistry.
I would agree with that. I've never really gone so far as to 'ship them but they were generally well written as a couple with a minimum of forced drama;
Off topic, sort of, but my favourite Trek couple are Kira/Odo, however, I probably have more issues with the way their relationship was portrayed than with Tom/B'Elanna's.

The Dominion wrote: View Post
Season 4 gets good real fast. It's just a shame they didn't do more with 8472.
I feel that too. They had a really good concept there and I loved the idea of fluidic space. Also if 8472 had become a bigger part of the series then maybe there would have been less Borg stuff for people to bitch about. I suppose they were expensive to put on screen though?

As for Nemesis, I watched this for only the second time the other week and it's gone from being one of my most hated Trek episodes of all time to a ranking of 'average'. Which is a vast improvement! I still think the language thing is irritating and pointless but the overall story was alright and I actually found Chakotay relatively bearable in it. The last line about wishing it was as easy to stop hating as it is to start could definitely have been better put though. It came across far more preachy/twee than it needed to be.
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