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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I was going to wait my new computer, before I start to play..but my inner Trekkie was screaming "Play now"(Yeah, I had to scale down the graphics quite a lot but that is OK)

Now after playing this for the past two days, I am enjoying it a lot. The story lines are interesting..and all the familiar names and places warm my heart
Space battles are fun and ground combat seems fine to me, though I wonder why my officers like to run to my line of fire so much.
It took while to learn many of the things but luckily that is mostly part of the good times.

I made to Lt.Commander today.
It took along time to choose if to take an cruiser or an escort. I ended up choosing an escort, because of my characters tactical origin.
Though, I must say that most escort-ship types do not look very good, appearance vice. It Seems that cruisers and science vessels are generally better looking.
But I am happy of my ship anyway..and I love the turning rate and the firepower. Though little ship
I will maybe choose cruisers, when I make another character later.
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