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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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That is what I thought. It would be nice to get Brad Meltzer back again IMO. He wrote the hell out of the Twilight arc last season.
Really? I think he was the worst writer last season. His crazy evolution-which-is-actually-intelligent-design made no sense (and we know he was the one to suggest them, Whedon's guilt is that he signed up for some of his ideas) and the exposition dump in #34 in-between-sex was just unbelievably bad writing. That issue is so awful that it's only good if you read it as a comedy, in as 'so bad it's good' way. They better keep him away from the Buffyverse comics, and they probably will since they announced before season 9 that they're going back to more grounded and intimate storytelling, instead the over-the-top insanity that season 8 became... and Meltzer is synonymous with the most OTT insane stuff in S8. Twilight works as an arc when you see in a satirical light, but judging by Meltzer's interviews at the time, he took it all deadly seriously and the hilarity was unintentional.

The guest writer I'd like to see back is Brian K. Vaughn, he wrote a great arc and he's a big Faith fan and writes her really well. Not that Gage doesn't write her well, but Vaughn was still better, I'd like to see him return for Angel & Faith. All the other best issues of season 8 were written by Whedon.

Best issues/arcs of season 8 according to me:
1. #40 Last Gleaming part 5 - Coda (Whedon/Jeanty)
2. Always Darkest e-comic (Whedon/Chen)
3. #5 The Chain (Whedon/Moline)
4. #6-9 No Future For You (Vaughn/Jeanty)
5. #10 Anywhere But Here (Whedon/Richards)
6. #11 A Beautiful Sunset (Whedon/Jeanty)
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