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The problem is, you're going to have to create a whole new cast for this, and in the format of one or two tv-movies, you won't really get the change to develop characters as much as you could. For this you'd have to go Sherlock-format, and make 6 movies a season, for several seasons. This is more a British approach to tv then American, where the network would probably then want to see a tv-series concept of 40-45 minutes an episode, and 20-26 episodes a season.

The only way you could pull of one or two movies (like they did with Battlestar Galactica) is to use establised characters. And I don't think ANYONE involved with any of the previous Trek series will want to come back for that, unless the paycheck was good enough. I know that sounds cynical, but people, acting is a job and these people want to get payed. Getting the TNG cast back together (for example) would cost to much, an investment that CBS probably wouldn't make.
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