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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Yay! Your back TheGodBen! What made you change your mind on protesting about SOPA?

Anyway you were right when you said you realized that season 2 was not one of the best seasons. I would also say DS9's 'puberty' started in season 3 when the real story arcs got set down. Season 2 still had that directionless quality about it, but season 3 gave the show a clear direction.

I still maintain that on average season 2 was better than season 1, but season 2 had no episodes that really stood out (with the possible exception of The Wire) whereas season 1 had two such episodes (Duet and In the Hands of the Prophets). But I will say this for season 2: it did at the start experiment with story arcs, and had a slightly more coherent structure to it than season 1.

Even so season 3 has a few shockingly bad episodes, but I can safely say that when TheGodBen comes round to tallying up its average score, season 3 should have a better score than season 2.

Finally, it's good to have you back TheGodBen!
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