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Does this issue feature our first female security guard? I'll be disappointed if she's billed as 'just' another yeoman.
The character from the episode was a Yeoman named Zahra. And this character was named Zahra, so she's likely a Yeoman. After all, so far everyone in the comics has essentially the same job on the Enterprise as their Prime Universe counterpart.
I remember her - she was really foxy wasn't she? Since they replaced Mears with Rand (albeit that Rand was in the original script) I was just wondering if Rand might more regularly adopt the yeoman role and that they might have updated the Zahra character to a less servile, more modern role instead. La plus ca change...

I hope they don't follow the casting of TOS too slavishly or we'll see Kirk, Spock, McCoy landing parties despite the logic of using other crew, Uhura will spend almost all her time at her post, and we'll never see any of the groovy aliens that we saw in TMP despite seeing some in the background of the new movie.

As an aside, if we're gong to have a medical emergency in this story, what are the odds of seeing Chapel and will her image be based on an actress who has been cast in the new move?
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