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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

From my Marvel pile I read:

Moon Knight #9 - This was a good issue. As the story unfolds it bounces back and forth between what is going on right now and what happened one week ago. Last week, Marc is talking to his ex-SHIELD armory aide Buck. In the present he's fighting Count Nefaria. At each jump a demonstration is further made for how Marc is utilizing Cap/Spidey/Wolverine in his battle with Nefaria which far outclasses him. These tricks supplied by Buck at Marc's request are helping him stay in the fight. A tragedy happens in the fight when
. This action causes Marc to go full Wolverine with the Logan voice in his ear calling for blood.
Anyone keeping up with MK knows he's battled to push the bloodlust, last pushed on him by the inner voice of Khonshu, out of his system. So how will issue #10 go? Does the inner voice of Cap & Spidey reign Marc/MK in?

Ghost Rider #9 - It's official, I'm bummed this is getting cancelled and this is the last issue....or is it? They took 8 issues and 2 arcs but at the point they conclude explaining/introducing Alejandra as GR, her ties to Adam(her mysterious surrogate responsible for guiding the GR to her and away from Blaze) and acceptance of Blaze as mentor the series is over just as it's getting started. This issue was the second of a two parter with Hawkeye. Now I say last issue cause those keeping up know it along with X-23 were announced as cancelled back in Nov'11. This issue had the obligatory 'The End' on the last page and there isn't an issue solicited for Mar. The Alejandra, female hosted, Ghost Rider however does appear next month in Venom #13 as part of a saga called Circle of Four. Then on the last page a smaller announcement with a picture showing Alejandra's GR on the cover says, GR returns in March??
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