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Re: What are your current computer's specs?

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showing off its mildly sized rabbit named Sid
If you're talking about a new desktop computer and you're in love with OSX, that's what I'd do.
If you are talking about Hackintoshing, then yes, I might just do that, though getting a proper notebook (not netbook) to run Mac OS X is a bit harder, as far as I have gathered.

And I am not really in love with Mac OS X, as I still see many faults with it(though love does not always makes one blind), especially with the new version, it is the only OS I feel comfortable with, and is not ugly as shit (sorry). I guess, I just like Spaces and Exposť and the rather dull colours compared to the colourfulness of Windows, which started with Windows 5.1 (I always reverted to the Classic look or Windows 2000).

Anyway, a new computer is still a year or three off, so I can live with it, and maybe there will be good Linux variant out there I can run, though my applications will never run on them.
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