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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

Visiting the TBBS wayyy back;

There was 'The Joy Of Seven' thread by Captain 8:53 and these were some great questions...
1) Why do you like Seven?
2) What are your favorite Seven moments?
3) What is your favorite Seven quote?
4)What is your favorite Seven ep?
5) What character do you think she interacts the best with?
6) What do you want to see happen to Seven in the final ep. and in the future?
I should have added something like this to my OP here. But we can all still play now.

I am fixing dinner but when I have time I will be back and edit in my answers.

[edit] Number 6 really doesn't apply now with the finale done and over...but you can still post what you envision Seven Of Nine doing in the future beyond 'Endgame'.

[add] okay...
1) She is AWESOME!!!
2) All of them except when she is kissing Kim or Chuckles.
3) This vid has alot; Memorable Seven of Nine Moments...I can't pick just one.
4) Drone
5) First EMH, second Janeway & third Tuvok.
6) I would like to see Captain Annika Hansen finish off the Borg.

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