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Re: What are your current computer's specs?

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I spent about 200EUR for the CPU/RAM upgrade - which I found cheap and better than buying a new laptop altogether (which simply isn't an option right now, and besides, I like tinkering with this one).
I'm thinking the current setup with the new CPU will last me at least another year or two before I upgrade.
Yeah, tinkering with laptops is fun. I more or less built my last three laptops.

Zepto 3215w:
Celeron M540 (i think) -> T5250 -> T7250 -> X9000
1GB -> 2GB -> 4GB
15.4 1280x800 -> 15.4 1680x1050
Azurewave 802.11G -> Intel 802.11N
Added 3415w power button cover.

Asus X72JR:
Intel i3-330m -> Intel i5-520m
2GB -> 4GB -> 8GB
500gb 5400rpm -> Intel SSD + Secondary 500GB 7200rpm

Toughbook CF-29:
Refurbished case, maxed ram to 1.5gb, added GPS, added emissive keyboard, added DVD-RW , sata conversion + Corsair SSD, added WWAN + antenna, added internal bluetooth, added internal mic, replaced LCD, replaced touchscreen, added CF-30 handle, modified the passive cooling system. I'm also working on biometrics. Its a pretty tight fit.
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