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Re: OT: Announcing ONLY SUPERHUMAN, my first original novel!

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That's a fantastic cover!

And nice job on getting a quote from Kevin J. Anderson. .
Kevin very generously offered to read the manuscript months ago and gave us our very first quote.
I've always wondered how exactly that worked. When publishers are trying to promote their book, do they just call up authors who write in a related genre and ask them if they'd be willing to give them a quote?
Basically, you work whatever connections you have and rely on the kindness of friends and colleagues. One also tries to approach authors who might be sympatico to the subject matter and appeal to the same audience. (I wouldn't approach Anne Rice for a quote on an interplanetary hard-sf adventure!)

In this case, I contacted various authors, asked them if they would be willing to look at an advance copy of the manuscript, then crossed my fingers and hoped they liked it enough to give us a quote!

So far we've gotten great quotes from Kevin Anderson, Mike Barr, and Stanley Schmidt, and I'm hoping for more before we have to go to press . . . .
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