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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

Fleet Event scheduled for Sunday.

let's do shuttle do fighting

I just played the Vault again and noticed that this looks like actual dog fighting now with lots of phaser and torpedo shots visually missing.

Should be quite the show...

i believe I will think up some special rules for this... Will definately more interesting then your standard Arena match....

Edit: It will most likely be mix of of Arena fight and capture the flag.

Each team consists of several shuttles/fighters and will alternately be defending or attacking a capital ship.

If the attacking team scores a victory against the capital ship without being wiped they can again go on the offensive. if the attack is thwarted the defenders become the attackers. Until one team gets, say 3 capital kills to win the match.
Destroyed shuttles don't count for match win.
The capitol ships will not be engaging and be totally passive, but can be buffed and healed by the shuttles.

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