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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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so what would you guys recommend for my weapons layout stuff?

here's my current mess lol


1. retrofit forward phaser bank mk IV
2. Hargh'peng Torpedo launcher mark IV
3. Plasma beam array mk IV

Shields - Resiliant Shield Array Mk V

Aft Weapons

1. Photon Torpedo Launcher mk IV
2. Phaser Beam Array Mk IV
3. Phaser Turrent Mk IV

You think thats a good layout or does it need changing somehow?

I'd oput the Hargh'peng Torpedo in the rear; and also put it on autofire as any Boff Torpedo skills DO NOT affect or work with the Hargh'peng because of it's special proc (they did that for balance reasons.) The best things about the Hargh'peng are it's speed to target and the proc.

Also, I prefer Quantum Torpedoes over Photons as Torpedoes do the most damage directly to the hull (IE if the enemy has shields up when they hit - damage is reduced. Quantums are the fastest Torpedos (IE travel the fastest to the target); so once you have a shield down on an enemy - they have a better chance of getting there before the AI gets a shield facing back up.

Also, you want to get Mk VI versions of the weapons and gear as well as you're able to.
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