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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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ohh cool... thanks...

kdf toon?

already thinking of my next ship... thinking either the Envoy class cruiser... or possibly the Discovery class science... not sure yet...

When you reached level 25 you unlocked the ability to create a character of the other faction, the Klingon Defense Force (KDF).
You may have noticed the accolade that comes with it. Warrior of the Empire or something like that.

Please, do me a favor.... NEVER... NEVER EVER fly an Envoy class. Go Galaxy, MAYBE Celestial or if you have money to spend buy the Venture class from the C-Store.

Envoy is the most hideous ship in the game only rivaled by the Imperial class.

The game's lead ship designer himself has achknowledged it as a huge mistake!

if you pick the Envoy I may have to demote you to crewman second class!!!!

Kidding of course.

But seriously, if you want a galaxy variant, think about the Venture. It's an awesome sauce looking ship and comes with a special ability console you can continue to use on your Admiral level ship.
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!
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